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  • Melissa says:

    I have a 10 year old son who currently going through the process of being diagnosed with autism . For the last year and a half the same child has been picking on/bullying my son . This child is quite aware that my son is “slightly different ” to him . He’s been pulled more than once over what he has done or said , yet it still continues . And my son carries on masking his feelings and tolerating this child as he doesn’t have the tools to make this stop . This child verbally abuses my son ,almost bully’s him into playing with him , he’s ran past him and pushed him (I was with son at time ) he’s mocked him over his clumsiness , the final straw for me was when he decided to keep poking my son in the legs with a pair of scissors , round edges they may have been but seriously . School are aware , and I am monitoring the situation , I won’t allow this child to cause any more distress to my boy .
    I feel the school should educate children more now . Today’s children are our tomorrow and they still aren’t aware enough to me.

  • karen says:

    My name is karen, I have a son who is 8 and is autistic. He is in mainstream school and he does get bullied, school often tell me that Owen is half to blame when I go in to complain about the days events which often happens at dinner Times and break Times, how can a child of 8 be to blame when they have social and communication problems? They don’t fully understand and see the world and others differently?
    One day I bought Owen home he stood at the top of the stairs and started SCREAMING “MY BALLS ARE ON FIRE” (literal) I ran up in a panic asking “what do u mean on fire?” He said again this time crying in agony and pointing “my balls are on fire” by this time he was hysterical. I got him out of tight fitting clothes on the bottom half into his jimjams rang his father then rang a taxi got him up to hospital. Dr at tameside General didn’t know what was wrong so we got rushed over to stepping hill hospital by ambulance just in case they got twisted, fortunately they (balls) wasn’t twisted, and Owen was discharged with bruised and swelling and pain. I didn’t take Owen into school and recused to take him back in until this issue was sorted I did go in first thing next day to see head teacher explained what happened. She asked me to bring Owen back in to speak to him. Under pressure Owen stutters and gets confused and never gets straight answers, (communication issues) he mentioned a boys . Name in yr 6 but the boy said no it wasn’t him so that was that. I still refused to take Owen in until issue was resolved, it’s heart BREAKING it really is my son has lost all trust in the school he didn’t have much confidence as it was but now it’s a nightmare to even get him changed into his school uniform. He cries at breaks thinking people are laughing at him he thinks no one wants to play with him, and now I’m having another issue between Owen and a boy in his class who constant provokes Owen to make him scream out and hit him. This is being dealt with and will post update when it’s been dealt with. Thank you!

    • Kevin Healey says:

      this is horrible for yo both i know what your going through has i have been through it has a child, hugs keep strong
      Kevin Healey

  • lynne says:

    my daughter is 19 and has autism ,she is at college doing a mainstream course on performing arts ,there are other peo ple in her class who have bullied her name calling etc [5 to be excat ] we have spoken to the teachers at college who are keeping an eye on my daughter and these other kids ,so far so good , kim was also bullied at school it was dealt with by giving kim extra support socially ,in june kim leaves college im worried for her going into this big world of ours kim has problems socially she doesnt go out she doesnt have friends aprt from some at college who she trusts
    my other son he is 6 and has dyspraxia and autism he is in a mainstream school and staemented he has violent behaviour outbursts im currently waiting for a camhs assessment for him mark doesnt go out at break or lunchtime because he cant cope

  • VisionGhost says:

    This is something I wrote a long time ago…

    What I want to say.

    It has been if anything far too long in my life to finally see where and what I have been doing wrong, going wrong and also having wrong.

    It was never until now, that I was able to actually see, where my errors and mistakes, mood and behavioural characteristics were actually stemming from. But only last Christmas I suffered an incident at the hands of my father and mother which repelled me back to my child hood and my young adult years, of which are not filled with many happy memories

    For as long as I can remember, from an age where I was able to at least perceive and formulate personal opinion, my father has been a source of continual pressure, bullying, draconian criticism, physical and mental abuse as well as the witnessing of my older brother placed upon a pedestal of achievement in front of me and also used as a comparable to my errors and failures. Throughout these years, my mother has stood idly by in an utter dream world of excuses and denial while a catalogue of mental abuse and bullying was conducted at the hands of my father.

  • Jo Worgan says:

    Kevin Healey’s stop #autismbullying campaign is very close to my heart because of my little boy Tom who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, I know that he is only five now but he will grow up to be an adult on the autistic spectrum, in ten years’ time he will be fifteen and I will no longer be there to protect him and ‘stand up for him’ in difficult and challenging situations and this I do worry about. As a mother I worry for his future and being the victim of bullying is one of those worries. He will be a vulnerable adult and this scares me. There needs to be more education and acceptance of people with autism, I myself hold my hands up and acknowledge that I knew very little about autism until we had Tom. We need to educate people and this needs to start at home and then in school, children need to be told about autism spectrum disorders so that they grow up to be understanding and empathetic young adults. This is why Kevin’s campaign is so very vital. The new laws will help protect autistic adults as well as informing people and raising awareness. Bullying of autistic adults needs to stop whether this is ‘face to face’ bullying or via the Internet by ‘trolls’, the law needs to be changed. Full stop. I am so very happy that there are people out there like Kevin who are campaigning for the rights and welfare of autistic individuals. My Tom has very little understanding of the world and finds communicating with others extremely difficult and this vulnerability and openness to bullying absolutely petrifies me. Change needs to happen and I believe that we can all make this happen.

  • Susan says:

    I have an 18 year old daughter with Aspergers and she has been bullied all her school life and it’s happening at college too. The schools anti bullying policy is not worth the paper it is written on. The bullies are the ones that seem to get the help. My daughter has been to various schools and even tried a Steiner school but they told us it was her Karma and didn’t belive in labels. In the end we had to homeschool (no choice). Daughter had a breakdown at just 8yrs old, she picked her skin and lips until they bled and as she got olders started to pull her toenails off and then was pulling clumps of hair out too. We went everywhere for help but to no avail. The psychologist put it all down to bullying and she was discharged from their services at 15yrs old because they said there was nothing they could do. It was all a complete waste of time. Her self esteem is zero and anxiety levels are high, she cries all the time and has no friends apart from just facebook and twitter friends. Her life and childhood has been ruined and its had a huge impact on us as a family too. Kevin Healy keep up the good work and you have my support as there is nothing out there to help children and adults with Autism.

  • Jean says:

    Bullying takes a lot of forms. I was bullied in the traditional way as a child – before I even knew I was autistic. But as an adult, people have made my life difficult be acting as if I’m misbehaving and should just “know better” whenever I don’t behave the way they want me to. And this happens even when, so far as I understand, I’m not really doing anything that NT people might not do – but because I’m so malleable, people just tend to demand a lot from me, and yet put me down a lot.

    • Kevin Healey says:

      so sorry you have been targeted just like me hopefully i will get the laws changed! i have to hearing so many terrible storey’s

  • amitchell says:

    my son is 6 years old and was dignosed when he was 4 he has been teased and people have come upto me and been verbually abusive and when ive tried to explain my sons condition they say its an ecuse and hes naughty and too smack him. ive had people shouting at me and calling my son and me vicious names. I worry for my sons future as hes in main stream school and has been laughed at by some of the parents and kids, I worry for his future and becoming an adult it scares me that people are so vicious and I cannot protect him as an adult

    • Kevin Healey says:

      so sorry to hear your worries for the future, im one person but i will do everything i possibly can to get the laws changed
      Kevin Healey

  • NFisher says:

    Our 6 year old son was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum last December since being assessed for nearly 2 1/2 years. He is at a mainstream school and they are fantastic he gets a lot of help and support. Our worry is when he is older, will he be bullied because he is different? Reading the comments above I really fear for our son when he is older as at the moment he is accepted for who he is, one teacher saying ‘he’s just Alex’. I follow Kevin Healy on Twitter and it is fantastic what he is doing, I am disgusted that there is no media attention as it is fantastic cause close to our hearts.

  • Janice says:

    When my Kyle was transitioned into the High School setting, I had one fear and it was my worst fear .. It was written in the I.E.P to never let him go to the restrooms alone .. Low and behold I get a call from the shcool saying my son is sick ? REALLY ? No he wasn’t sick he was hyperventalating it wasn’t until the next day he had a huge bruise on his stomach .. SOMBODY PUNCHED him in the stomach . The school never told me who ‘ What aid was with him at the bathrooms nothing . My Kyle is now so afarid of people now’ , he was so happy going to the dances’ & the schools outtings and to the special olympics’ ect ect , and now he is afarid to even walk in are own front yard and back yard for fear of people ..God Bless his heart they knew he couldn’t tell me what happened the fight was on with the Clinets Rights Advocate Attroneys we won’ but the damage was done ………..

  • Catherine Sessions says:

    I went to a youth group for those struggling with emotional health issues, where many other members had autism and made some great friends there. A few of them have spoken about how people have used their condition against them ie playing on how they struggle with social interaction, and targeting them for being different. Personally, I think there should be more effort made to educate about autism, it could help avoid discrimination and also lead to earlier diagnosis.

  • Brett says:

    This campaign does really mean a lot not just to me, but our family as a whole, We have a 4yr old son who as recently been diagnosed with ASD & also Severe Learning Difficulties.
    What kevin is trying to do & is doing can only go towards bettering our sons future, once the laws do get changed that kevin is fighting for. Not just our family, but all families with children, neices, nephews, grandchildren even friends that are autistic, shall feel a lot more secure knowing that there is no easy way to bully our close ones & just walk away scot free.
    So if you do read this comment, please just take a minute of your time to get behind this campaign & as a whole we can all make that difference. that as long been needed.
    We need this to work not just for those that have been bullied & not just for those that are being bullied now, but for our little ones that have yet to grow up & experience life!!

  • Charlene McGaughey says:

    Hello, I have a son whos 3 he is currently getting assessed for Autism. He is showing many traits of Autism but has not yet got diganosed. My son is currently at playschool, he gets on really well but doesn’t mix with the other children. I do worry for him when he gets older hes a timid wee thing, kind and gentle. I wouldn’t have him any other way! I would hate for him to get bullied, it would be a big concern for me in a few years time maybe less! I only joined Twitter not so long ago and i am soo glad to have found out about Kevin Healey and his campaign against Autism bullying, im glad to be part of it and i’ll try to do all i can. I have high hopes for Kevin and his campaign and i’d like to thank him :-) xx

  • Mustafa says:

    My whole class used to gang up on us the minority (losers). I was with the losers and protected them and myself, my class was worst in school. I get beat up every day, tortured. First there was a minor chief (quite hard) of the majority. Then was brought a bigger loser in the school system he was taller bigger meaner and tortured me. It hurt very much, until one day i was in so much pain i couldnt take it then I had to threated my fellow with death, i WAS going to kill him but his father showed up, and I learn to respect elders.

    Now I am here. It was hell on earth.

  • natalya trombone says:

    I’ve always been bullied, from the age of 4-18 1/2 years old and my last bullying happened from a former friend who I went to school from and turned on me after getting constantly jealous and hurting me too much and too often and who I walked away from when I was 23, I’m 25 now.
    At first it was in primary school when people just grouped with others and decided to single me out because I was a little bit different to everyone else and it’s only now at the age I am now, I feel finally free from them. I was a little mixed race child with brown curly hair, green eyes and glasses. I was considered ”adopted” as my brother had brown curly hair and brown eyes, he looked different to me.
    As I got older, it then steadily became more and more hurtful to where I have even hurt myself badly and especially as my brother, he isn’t impaired and was able to fit in much more even though he is so different from me.
    Now it makes me feel like I’m being picked on again when it comes to employment and as if nobody will give me a chance for a job and nobody has said they would like me for their girlfriend at the moment (I also have two other conditions as well as autism) I’m confident I will get hired though and won’t let anyone put me down, I’ve done a heap of volunteering and got some good work experience, and I have a degree. The last person I dated, yuk, where does one start about them. I could write a book about it easily.
    I now have the last laugh over the people who picked on me as I write poems and feel happy for my freedom.

  • Amanda Park says:

    When my son was young, he was often ‘in trouble’ at school. Due to a late diagnosis he had already been labelled as having behaviour difficulties (yes, that old chestnut!!!) and I was blamed (by the ed pysch) because I was separated from his dad. He was often bullied, without even realising. Ridiculed because of his tics, his over excitement and lack of understanding of social situations. He was frequently set up by the ‘popular’ boys and because he thought they were being ‘nice’ to him, he went along with their ‘games’. When he did react if he realised what was happening…guess who was in trouble…not the bullies, because no-one saw what was happening…but my son. The grammar school did not help, even when the Autism Specialist came in to school to try and edcuate them, they still didn’t understand. I feel so very sad that I couldn’t and didn’t do more for my son…but I have educated myself and now I educate others. The autism spectrum is not just my job, it is my life. My son is amazing. If you met him now you would not even recognise that he was on the spectrum….but then he always denies it anyway….getting aggressive about it because of what it had ‘done’ to him when he was young. And the weird thing is, he would state categorically that he had ever been bullied. Schools have agendas other than the student….for me, it was getting him through the school system a day at a time regardless of qualifications and stats for Ofsted tables. Schools also don’t see the fall out we get at home. Bullying and bullies are sneaky, they manipulate and deceive.The upshot was my son wanting to kill himself, and I myself. I felt I had failed. So, the bullies do not just affect the individual, they hurt all those around that individual. I care ..about others…about what happened to my son…about the lack of support available…about the ignorance of others. Together we will make a difference. I could so easily weep when I look back at what my son had to endure, but instead I choose to stand tall and do something about it along with all the other amazing people out there who are doing the same thing. Well done Kevin, I support you all the

  • TheMaskedAspie says:

    Hiding my real name for my own protection really. I am an adult with Asperger’s who is being harassed & intimidated. I’ve told the police, NHS, judiciary etc. how this puts me at greater risk of suicide (Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen Dec 2010) but this seems to make no difference at all. You are treated as if you are ‘neuro-typical’ (normal people) which is reckless & negligent in my book. There was a doctrine as I recall that came out of the Blair Peach incident back in the 1960’s? This doctrine, the ‘Eggshell skull doctrine’, as I recall, meant that one had to take another as one found them and that it was no defence to claim that had that person you hit over the head NOT head a fragile skull they would be alive so the fact that their dead is not your fault! Why should this doctrine not be applied to abuse of people who are vulnerable due to their mental health / learning disabilities? The ‘eggshell mind doctrine’ perhaps? In my experience many people , professionals and organisations do not understand or realise the dangers posed to people with an ASD due to abuse. Time it changed!

  • I have been in simlar situation a girl bully me and I reported it to the police where they look and just dismissed it and my friend at the time got attack and two times it is was horrible feeling and my dog lucy nearly got hurt too. I suffer from agoraphobia of it now. she kept on changing her scree name so was fool even death threats. That is why went to the group up in southport call the Freda fighters to talk about my experience and it was a eye opener and also feel that should be law.

  • i’m shannon, i am 16 years old currently and in secondary school in 5th year. i have been bullied ever since i was about 4 years old in primary 1. i have got epilepsy, adhd and autism. people made fun of me a lot for my seizures, people would call me weird, spaz, freak and all other sorts for my adhd, and for my autism, i would get called slow, dumb, stupid, weirdo, idiot and so many more. i have had constant bullying since primary 1, i’m still getting bullied. a few minutes ago on ask i got told to go kill myself, the same a week ago. when i was younger and lived in england, i had no friends and always got called a loner, i’d sit by myself at lunch and i’d get laughed at. i always get called ugly, people always tell me that i’m disabled and wheelchair (i am classed as disabled, but harsh for people to stereotype) and as for my epilepsy again people would pretend to have seizures and go ‘look at me, i’m epileptic, i’m having a fit ahhh’ and someone asked me before ‘do you get fits from flashing lights?’ when i don’t really know, anything triggers my seizures so i responded ‘i don’t know’ they would come back with their phone and go ‘omg shannon look, flashing lights, are you gonna have a fit?’ i cried. i tried to walk away and they would follow me, i was going to tell the teacher but she was near enough deaf. it’s horrifying, i’m always scared of what people might tell me next. i’ve attempted suicide about 10 times, about 7/8 times on my throat and about 2-3 times or more on my wrists. i always got threatened to get battered/smashed/hit for many years. sometimes i did get hit, the teachers done nothing. but would tell me off if i hit back, my mum always told me ‘if someone hits you first, hit them back’ i did and i would get in trouble. life is so hard for me. my bullying story goes on for years and years. people are always horrible to me, whether it’s my adhd, epilepsy, autism, appearance or anything else. sometimes i just cry when i’m alone and wish myself dead. other times, i’d dream that i killed myself and everyone had a party. i don’t suffer from depression though, but i just hope all this bullying stops. i might be autistic, but i’m really good at writing how i feel. and at this moment, i feel upset, although i shouldn’t, i try to be happy but it doesn’t work. because all these years of bullying just carries on and i get told the same thing all the time, ‘ignore them, they’ll stop.’ ‘walk away, act like it doesn’t bother you’ i would do that, but it still would continue. i’ve never known anyone or myself to get bullied as much as i do and all the harsh things people say, makes me wanna breakdown. i do end up breaking down, then i feel like i can’t pick myself back up. i always get tortured for everything i say, if i do or say anything good or nice, nobody notices and only like 2% actually do notice or thank me for it, but if i mess up 1 little thing, the whole world goes insane and i’m known as a ‘bitch’ or something else. i’m tired of it all, especially the cyberbullying on or facebook. i’m tired of not being good enough for anyone. i sometimes think suicide but then i think ‘i can’t do that’ i’m scared of death, but i feel like if i die, life would be better for others and myself. i don’t know what to do. and this is just about 1/4 of my whole bullying story.

  • Soyla Echeverria says:

    Hi My name is Soyla Echeverria and I’m from Melbourne Australia. I’m a 25 year old female with Aspergers Syndrome and also Narcolepsy and Cataplexy (sleep disorders) in August 2012 my neighbour broke into my place because he didn’t see me for three days as I was hiding in my flat & was scared of him because we were previously friends but he wanted more than a friendship, I refused and we had a massive argument. Anyway he called police on me for a welfare check one morning, the police then called me and I assured them that I was okay. 10 minutes later my neighbour then broke into my place told me that I stole money and was armed with a knife. He is know to have violent outbursts and has a canibis addiction. It took me until February this year to finally go to the courts and seek an intervention order which I thankfully received thanks to the letter (attached) Victorian Child Safety Commissioner, Bernie Geary OAM. To this day my neighbour still verbally attacks me and I’m still scared for my safety. He pleaded guilty to the chargers for the break in and was convicted and was sent to have some counselling, but I’m unaware if he has started it yet. PLEASE Feel free to post this on the website, much appreciated & Thank you.

  • Film2240 says:

    Earlier today out of the blue I started recieving nasty messages from a man called @hunglikebatman via twitter accusing me of hitting on his girlfriend just because she seemed like a person I wanted to be friends with (alias @fuckingjennifer) as I was left intrigued by some of her tweets.

    Long story short but only did the man start this, this woman blamed me for everything as if this was my fault for the bullying.I posted the screenshots but still this escalated.i was so distraught because of this that I wanted to end my own life (thank goodness I didn’t).

    I have a plea to ask. Is it such a sin to learn to understand that people with autism interpret things differently and to not give differently enabled people a hard time?

    For further info please contact me on twitter and via this site. Please bring cyberbullies like this to justice!

  • Aussie Dad says:

    My son was diagnosed with HF ASD 2 years ago. He’s now five and a half, undertaking ABB, DIR, speech and some other out of the box therapies. He has been going to kindy for about 6 months for three half days a week. When he first started I had my wife organise a meeting with the staff and other parents where I explained to them that my beautiful little man was the light of my life and that any bullying or teasing would be met harshly and swiftly by myself personally as there is no satisfaction under law.
    It may have been harsh, but my boy is happy and coming along in leaps and bounds.
    I will protect him until he can protect himself

  • Debbie says:

    Both my husband and I are 50 years old, both have Asperger Syndrome (we just found out this January) and both have been psychologically and emotionally abused (bullied) by our ex-spouses because of our differences.

    When I married my husband, he found my aspie quirks adorable and endearing, but over our 11 year marriage the adorable and endearing wore off when he realized they were part of who I am and couldn’t be changed to fit his ideal of a perfect wife and were quite often personally embarrassing to him. So, he started to criticize just about everything about me hoping that it would make me change, and I tried to change for him, but instead put myself in the hospital trying to be something I’m not. After I got out of the hospital with a misdiagnosis of bipolar, I was an even bigger embarrassment to him, so his criticism got worse. Or he ignored me. Every night, he wrapped himself in TV while I lay in the bedroom crying night after night. And when I couldn’t control my panic attacks anymore and he finally saw them, he yelled, blamed, raised his fist to me, and acted like I was a huge pain in his ass because he had to take two hours off from work to help me by driving me to a friend’s house where I could be around a comforting person. At the end of our marriage, I couldn’t do anything right. I talked too much. I didn’t talk enough. I laughed inappropriately. I was too loud or too quiet. I could see how miserable he was and finally asked for a divorce to relieve him of the burden I’d become to him, but that became my fault, too, because he was angry about what people would think of him being divorced twice. In hindsight, I never would marry a man like that who acts like a charmer and loving husband in public and treats me like a piece of dirt at home.

    My husband’s story is similar except that he had a child with his ex-wife, and she used all his quirks to make his life a living hell and ultimately ruin his ability to find work in his profession and take his son away from him. He endured her psychological abuse for over 10 years and continues to endure it since she continues to use his aspie quirks as reason to continue her legal bullying and keep him from ever seeing his son which has literally broken him. He has become a virtual recluse who seldom leaves the house and won’t answer the phone or get the mail for fear of having to endure more bad news from his ex, so I have become a buffer between him and the world.

  • A sister says:

    Im a 19 year old Egyptian. My brother is autistic.he’s now 12 and he’s in the 6th grade.he’s so clever in school (always getting a GPA of 4) and there’s a shadow teacher who stays with him in class all day.last year, I wasn’t worried about him getting bullied from his classmates the way I was worried about him getting bullied in the school bus. Actually,his classmates are only nine, and also he has a shadow teacher with him (I guess its safer) but in the bus,he was all alone. I started to realize my brother’s mood was always down and He started to be very aggressive. We didn’t know why. Days later, my mother told me that she saw lots and lots of boys in that school bus getting out of the window,pointing and laughing at my brother as he was walking through the gate of our house. I told my parents that we HAVE TO drive him everyday to school by our selves and make sure he doesnt get bullied anywhere in this school.they respected my opinion and did that. BUT this whole story doesnt matter, my brother didnt really get bullied on the school bus only,but also he gets bullied A LOT! Specially when he’s on a meltdown. I wrote this because im very happy and hopeful about the idea of that documentary. You know why? Because I really hope people would feel how my brother feels! How I feel! How my parents feel! How it feels to know your child isn’t accepted in this world! Although you know very well that if he just have that chance of being accepted, he would change the world. You know that his brain isnt a mystery but a valuable piece of gold. Please tell people to stop judging! To stop looking! To help!
    About a two weeks ago, my brother came and told me “rocket sky and moon” (he’s kind of non verbal so he doesn’t say a full sentence) so i asked him “do you wanna go to the moon?” He said “yes! Nasa and moon” i told him that when he grows up, he’s going to go there. I wasn’t just telling him words that will never be true. I truly meant it! I believe that my brother with his limitless and smart mind will one day travel to the moon. If they just gave him the chance to prove himself and stop ruining his self confidence. If the world just accepted him as he is.

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