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These people have become more than friends to my campaign they are true supporters none stop tweeting everyday, to the media, TV, Radio, Celbs, and MPS why don’t you do what they do, you too could be featured

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This campaign that Kevin Healey is running is not just close to me but all of my surrounding families hearts. As we have a little boy who as been  diagnosed with autism & severe learning difficulties. So what Kevin is achieving can only go towards not just helping adults today, that are suffering through bullying & torment on a daily basis. But also all our children that may need that extra support in life as they grow up, so i would advise anyone that follows Kevins campaign. Get behind him as you will never know when or if one of your children,grandchildren,nephews,nieces or close friends should need just that little extra support. & a massive thank you to the celebrities who do see this for what it really is & all there help that they are giving to raise more awareness.’ Mr Brett Turner

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“Kevin Healey’s stop #autismbullying campaign is very close to my heart because of my Tom who has ASD, he is five. He has very little understanding of the world and finds communicating with others extremely difficult and this vulnerability and openness to bullying absolutely petrifies me. He will grow up to be an adult on the autistic spectrum and I will no longer be there to protect him and ‘stand up for him’ in difficult and challenging situations. Kevin’s campaign is vital as new laws will help protect autistic adults as well as raising awareness. I am so very happy that there are people out there like Kevin who are campaigning for the rights and welfare of autistic individuals.” Joanne Worgan

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