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Autism Campaigner – Twitter Abuse

Autism Campaigner calling for Action to social media

It has been over a year ago since Kevin Healey reported vile abusive impersonations and Twitter cloning accounts to Staffordshire Police, but Kevin’s Twitter Troll offenders have still not been caught or prosecuted.

Kevin Healey, who, himself has autism, is a campaigner and founder of two registered Autism Charities, he is a national leading autism campaigner and a national ambassador for autism in the UK. Kevin has endured vile cloning of his Twitter account for two years and he is now calling on social media giants to verify and protect is Twitter account.

Following Kevin’s request for Twitter to verify and protect his account from impersonation, Twitter responded by saying, ‘that he does not meet the eligibility criteria’. However, similar campaigners, who have also received online abuse on Twitter, such has, Dr. Sara payne and Denise furgus, have had their Twitter accounts protected and verified, so why can’t Kevin have his account verified too?

Nearly 1,600 people have already signed Campaigner, Kevin Healey’s petition asking Twitter to verify him, and some high profile celebrities, MP’s and MEP’s have also written directly to Twitter to request that this social media site verifies Kevin’s account, as a matter of urgency, but still Twitter refuse.

Kevin said:

“I just want my account on Twitter verified and protected. I am tired of the constant impersonations and Twitter cloning! If I was a celebrity, an MP or a footballer, my trolls would have been caught, prosecuted and jailed by now! I just feel that because I have autism and I am not in the public eye, I am being ignored against. I just can’t believe in the 21st century, in this digital age of technology, that they have not been traced already. It is very frustrating that it has now been going on for over one year and it has still not been resolved!
However, Staffordshire Police have been very helpful. I just want these trolls caught and jailed for this serious disability hate crime offence. It has had a serious long term effect on my health. I suffer from PTSD now, due to all the cyberbullying, cloning and impersonation, it’s something that never goes away, and every time I log on to Twitter, I’m more self-aware and frightened of the next impersonator to attack me. It has been absolutely horrific; it feels like identity theft when you are been cloned & impersonated. It makes me feel violated. It is so wrong and very little can be done about it. On some occasions it’s taken Twitter up to two weeks to close down the troll impersonators. At least, by having a verified account, people will know whom the real ‘Kevin Healey is”!
Kevin was diagnosed at the age of 27, he is now 40 years old. He raises awareness of autism daily on social media and he has over 150,000 followers on Twitter & Facebook. His achievements over the years, include, a meeting with the Queen and various Prime Minsters, and he is greatly recognised nationally in the Autism sector.

To support the petition please visit Kevin’s Online Petition Via



What YOU can do to try and get Kevin Healey Verified on Twitter! Impersonation

Kevin still has not been verified and this is having a major effect on him and the campaign because of the constant ongoing impersonation, this is also not helping kevin to carry out is VITAL campaign work to get the laws changed on Hate Crime and Cyberbullying

this is what YOU can do too HELP

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A cross party call for action to tackle hate crime and bullying against people with Autistic spectrum disorders has passed its first hurdle at the European Parliament.

MEP’s Autism Bullying declaration goes ‘live’ at European Parliament
A cross party call for action to tackle hate crime and bullying against people with Autistic spectrum disorders has passed its first hurdle at the European Parliament.
Backed by leading Autism campaigner Kevin Healey, chair of Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS) and Autism Europe, Midlands Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion’s Written Parliamentary Declaration has received technical approval by the Presidency of the Parliament and is now open for signature by MEPs.
European Parliament Written Declarations are similar to Early Day Motions at Westminster. The Declaration on Protection of People with Autism from Bullying calls for the EU to promote research and share best practice on tackling bullying and disability hate crimes. The text has been co-sponsored by a number of MEPs from different parties and countries.

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MEP launches call for action on Autism-related bullying in European Parliament, for Kevin’s Anti Bullying campaign

MEP launches call for action on Autism-related bullying in European Parliament

A Liberal Democrat Euro MP is marking Anti-Bullying Week by launching a call in the European Parliament for action to tackle hate crime and bullying against people with Autistic spectrum disorders.

Backed by the National Autistic Society (NAS) and Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS), West Midlands region MEP Phil Bennion is working with autism campaigner and NAS Ambassador Kevin Healey, Chairman of SAAS, to raise the issue with a cross-party Written Parliamentary Declaration.

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Lyric Insults Autism Community

Lyrics from the recently released song “Jodeci Freestyle” from hip hop artists Drake and J.Cole have many in the autism community up in arms. The song, which was released last month and is now getting airplay, contains the following lyric by J. Cole: “I’m artistic, you n—-s is autistic, retarded.” Kevin Healey leading Campaigner said “im absolutely disgusted that the hip hop artists can say such lyrics in there songs, and that word R appals me as some one living with the condition,”

These lyrics are offensive and perpetuate negative stereotypes. There are many inspiring individuals with autism and other disabilities who have achieved great success across a variety of artforms, including music. We encourage J. Cole to recognize their talents and learn from the positive example they have set for all of us.


WRITE YOUR LETTER TO- Rt Hon. Maria Miller 4 Kevs Autism Anti Bullying Campaign

Dear Rt Hon. Maria Miller,

As you are the minister for sports,media and culture, I am/we writing to your office to ask why there are no specific laws in place regarding cyber bullying at present. Please correct me/us are wrong. This is of huge concern to me/us as this puts not only the general public but also very vulnerable people, especially those on the autistic spectrum at risk to harassment, and abuse via the internet. At the moment Kevin Healey,

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I write open letter to PM and Ministry of Justice Depts Anti Autism Bullying Campaign

Today i have posted a letter to the PM and Ministry of Justice Dept, calling for action in the UK on Autism Bullying – i will let you all know the outcome when i get a response





what is a troll? #autismbullying Kevin Healey

what is a troll? watch the video to find out!

Autism Bullying Campaign

Autism Bullying Campaign Adults

For far too long now, adults on the spectrum have been targeted by bullies. I am a victim of bullying, from a child to a teenager, to now a grown adult at 38. Cyber bullying now has got so severe I’ve even had death threats.


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