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Internetsafety Day – but Twitter failing to protect Kevin Healey leading Autism Campaigner

A leaked memo by Twitter’s Chief Executive, Dick Costolo, has admitted that the company “sucks” when it comes to dealing with abuse and trolling on the service.
This revelation hardly comes as a massive surprise to us. For over a year now, Kevin Healey has suffered constant trolling and impersonation, including death threats. And Twitter has turned a blind eye to it. Even with help from MPs and the police, there hasn’t been a single arrest made for this.
We have heard over and over again from public figures that “action must be taken”, “online bullies must be brought to task”, and countless other soundbites. But these words have not been backed up by actions.
To illustrate just how long this has been going on and how much this is affecting Kevin, here is an open letter he has composed, addressed to Twitter:
Dear twitter
There have been many requests from me and my supporters asking you to protect and verify my account, but sadly this still has not happened. Lots of people have contacted you to request for me to be verified, including staffordshire police, my MP, and celebrities have even taken the time to write to you directly. However, you still haven’t responded.
I recall contacting your staff at twitter UK (feb 2014). I had a response from your HQ in march 2014, saying that I must refrain from contacting your staff, of which i only tweeted them a few times. I still have that email.

In the email dated 14/02/2014 you seem to be disappointed that I’ve made contact with twitter re -my verification and state you would not accept any requests from third parties, such as the police, my MP, Crime Commissioner. They have all written to you, and over 1580 have signed my petition and left hundreds of comments.
I would like to know what you mean by carefully reviewing my account? and the minimum criteria….
and you’re unable to make exceptions to your policies for me?
OK, Twitter, let’s put the record straight: you only seem to verify the following people, and please do correct me if I’m wrong. You verify, MPs, celebrities, footballers, singers, authors – but not those fighting injustice.
I was also shocked to find out that when I had communication with one of your staff via the telephone, she stated “we can’t verify you because you’re not a NEW YORK best-seller. Well, Twitter, I now hundreds of people who use your platform and they are NOT New York best-sellers but they have their accounts verified.
I’ve had death threats on your platform, impersonation, cloning, and vile hate speech against my disability, but the most horrific is when i got LOTS of IMPERSONATION and cloning of my account.
Because of these incidents, I now suffer with PTSD.
I’m just asking for you to show some compassion. That’s all I want.
Here’s a screenshot of the abuse I’ve experienced.
This clearly illustrates that this issue has been going on for some time. Numerous public authorities have been contacted about it. We have provided clear evidence of the abusive comments being directed at Kevin, but has there been any action taken?No.
However, when a “celebrity” or “public figure” is the target of the same abuse, it is dealt with extremely quickly and decisively.
Even though Staffordshire police have been very helpful, they have been unable to trace or locate the individuals responsible. The investigation has been ongoing for over a year now, so this isn’t a recent issue.
We aren’t asking for someone to be monitoring every tweet ever sent; we aren’t asking for a dedicated team to deal with the reports. We are simply asking for Kevin’s account to be verified, to prevent individuals from creating accounts designed to impersonate and intimidate Kevin.
When we have questioned Twitter on this, the default answer has been: “You don’t meet the criteria”. Despite repeated requests for this criteria, they have not been forthcoming with it.
Twitter’s position on the use of verified accounts is that they are for the accounts of celebrities and public figures.

Twitter abuse infographic


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Letter to my cyberstalker’s

Dear Cyberstalkers

I find it extremely sad that even as an adult you think it’s okay to bully and stalk someone daily. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you have no right to harass me as you’ve done over the past years

you slate and try too destroy my character, and slate my Autism charity After blocking you, you still take the time to read my timeline and tweet daily about me, You go as far as tweet my followers and anyone I tweet desperately trying to gain my attention. And when all else fails, you send in your lapdogs to do your dirty work which recently you sent your lapdogs where I had my twitter petition too the NAS facebook page, and I had to ask the NAS too remove my twitter petition as it was attacked by your lapdogs, as you couldn’t get at me there was a wide open source for you to send your lapdogs in to try and drag me down but you failed again the more you do makes me even more stronger, you think I’m in fear of you far from it, I just can’t Believe how sad you are and spend all day tweeting about me, this shows how much spare time you have, why don’t you put your time into something productive by helping others rather than cyberstalking people like me.

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A cross party call for action to tackle hate crime and bullying against people with Autistic spectrum disorders has passed its first hurdle at the European Parliament.

MEP’s Autism Bullying declaration goes ‘live’ at European Parliament
A cross party call for action to tackle hate crime and bullying against people with Autistic spectrum disorders has passed its first hurdle at the European Parliament.
Backed by leading Autism campaigner Kevin Healey, chair of Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS) and Autism Europe, Midlands Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion’s Written Parliamentary Declaration has received technical approval by the Presidency of the Parliament and is now open for signature by MEPs.
European Parliament Written Declarations are similar to Early Day Motions at Westminster. The Declaration on Protection of People with Autism from Bullying calls for the EU to promote research and share best practice on tackling bullying and disability hate crimes. The text has been co-sponsored by a number of MEPs from different parties and countries.

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MEP launches call for action on Autism-related bullying in European Parliament, for Kevin’s Anti Bullying campaign

MEP launches call for action on Autism-related bullying in European Parliament

A Liberal Democrat Euro MP is marking Anti-Bullying Week by launching a call in the European Parliament for action to tackle hate crime and bullying against people with Autistic spectrum disorders.

Backed by the National Autistic Society (NAS) and Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS), West Midlands region MEP Phil Bennion is working with autism campaigner and NAS Ambassador Kevin Healey, Chairman of SAAS, to raise the issue with a cross-party Written Parliamentary Declaration.

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my campaign mentioned in parliament on a ten min rule bill hate crime kev’s autism campaign

Mr Speaker I beg to move that leave be given to bring in a Bill to require police forces to register hate crimes committed against people with learning difficulties and learning disabilities, including autism; and for connected purposes.


Mr Speaker honourable and right honourable members may remember EDM 172 – Hate Crime against those with autism, which was signed by 104 members of this house, showing that this is a matter of concern in this place and the wider community.

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Leading Autism Campaigner calls for J.cole & Drake too remove offensive lyrics ‘Jodeci Freestyle’

This is not the first time I have campaigned on artists insulting people with autism the first person 50 cent last summer tweeted ‘I saw your picture fool you look autistic’ and he gave a public apology.

But this time the hip hop rappers have taken it too far by insulting over half a million people in the uk like myself living with autism
With the ‘I’m artistic, you ni**as is autistic retarded’

I ask myself and so many others thease artists with millions of followers on social media platforms who have million followers, but they attack the most vulnerable in society

I’m asking them on behalf of thousands of people living with autism please make an apology too me and thousands with the condition and do the right thing please remove hatred words as they are so offensive.

Kevin Healey
Leading Autism campaigner
Speaking up for thousands of people with autism

Lyric Insults Autism Community

Lyrics from the recently released song “Jodeci Freestyle” from hip hop artists Drake and J.Cole have many in the autism community up in arms. The song, which was released last month and is now getting airplay, contains the following lyric by J. Cole: “I’m artistic, you n—-s is autistic, retarded.” Kevin Healey leading Campaigner said “im absolutely disgusted that the hip hop artists can say such lyrics in there songs, and that word R appals me as some one living with the condition,”

These lyrics are offensive and perpetuate negative stereotypes. There are many inspiring individuals with autism and other disabilities who have achieved great success across a variety of artforms, including music. We encourage J. Cole to recognize their talents and learn from the positive example they have set for all of us.


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