Dear Rt Hon. Maria Miller,

As you are the minister for sports,media and culture, I am/we writing to your office to ask why there are no specific laws in place regarding cyber bullying at present. Please correct me/us are wrong. This is of huge concern to me/us as this puts not only the general public but also very vulnerable people, especially those on the autistic spectrum at risk to harassment, and abuse via the internet. At the moment Kevin Healey,

who is a leading autism campaigner for autistic individuals is working with Ian Mearns MP  and have an EDM 172 in place regarding this matter, so far 71 MP’s have signed. There is also a ten minute rule bill scheduled for October with regards to hate crime aimed directly at autistic individuals.  This issue needs to be addressed. We are now living in a new era where the internet and social media is a way for many people to socialize and interact with each other on a daily basis. For many autistic individuals who find communication and interaction extremely challenging when face to face, the internet is a safe haven for them, or so it should be. Kevin himself has been the victim of cyber bullying and has even been sent death threats.


As a supporter/parent/ASD of an autistic child/ADULT I am/we are begging you to seriously consider this issue, as laws need to be put in place regarding cyber bullying. Would it be possible for you to meet with Kevin Healey and his supporters to discuss this issue?  Thank you for your consideration.


Your name


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Rt Hon. Maria Miller

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