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Autism Bullying Campaign

Autism Bullying Campaign Adults

For far too long now, adults on the spectrum have been targeted by bullies. I am a victim of bullying, from a child to a teenager, to now a grown adult at 38. Cyber bullying now has got so severe I’ve even had death threats.


We need to change the law on bullying internationally, whether it’s bullying in the workplace, university or online. Help me to make the changes today globally, and support my global campaign to tackle this. I need celeb supporters to back me in my global campaign. We need laws changing nationally and internationally.

How many more adults have to suffer in silence? Please support this major campaign today, spread the word on Twitter, Facebook etc. Cyber bullying is one of the most horrendous things I have ever experienced in my life, and at that point I have been a victim of an armed robbery. Bullying is with you 24/7 and it invades your life. I know: I have been there and been a victim. Join me today with this campaign.

What you can do:

Follow the live tweets on http://twubs.com/kevsautismcampaign

When tweeting out, use hashtags in your tweets #kevsautismcampaign #antiautismbullying #autismbullying

http://twitition.com/x76kf/ Sign the petition on Twitter

Spread the word! Let’s get it trending!

Current celebs backing the campaign:”Please support Kevin Healey’s autism-campaign.co.uk. Bullying has to stop.” Ricky Gervais

” I support and back Kevin’s anti bullying autism campaign. bullying people with autism needs to stop. The UK laws must change to protect them. It’s more than a hate crime and people who bully need to be prosecuted. We need to protect people on the spectrum. These vulnerable people have enough challenges each day without been bullied. My eight year old son Valentino is on the spectrum, so this campaign holds a very poignant place in my heart.Please join the fight to create laws against bullying.Melanie Sykes

“People don’t choose to be Autistic, they learn to live with it. But some people choose to bully and hate. I support this cause in hope that we all choose to love and support those with Autism”~ Luke Goss

“Autism and Anti-bullying are issues very close to my heart and I am proud to support Kevin’s ‘Autism Anti Bullying campaign’,No one should feel they have to suffer alone and together we can hopefully make changes that matter”- Alex Reid

“I am delighted to support Kevins’ Autism Anti Bullying campaign, we all suffer from the disease of perception and what we see isn’t what we think”.- Michael Barrymore

“Everyone of us can make a difference. Just think of that ! The world would be a much better place without BULLIES.” Debra Douglas

Keith Duffy Singer, Actor Tv presenter (awaiting quote and picture)

Danielle staub www.danielle-staub.com

Matt Goss singer, actor (awaiting quote)

Chris Malloney X factor singer (awaiting quote)

Lydia Bright Tv

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