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well done @temperance29 thanks for all your support

Top tweeters for Wednesday 17th April 2013

thanks guys! you all rock !!!


@brneredwin @mummyworgan @is_ace @sarah00032 @realnerdgirl thank you so much you TOP TWEETERS FOR MY CAMPAIGN TODAY XX

Media Activity for Autism Bullying Campaign


7 WAVES RADIO 92.1 fm   (thursday  18th April 7:15pm) live show

Autism Radio UK  2pm live show Friday April 19th


Radio Warwickshire  ( Sunday time TBC) online – Sunday April 21st

RADIO STOKE – Monday  10am onwards until 10-45 live show  fm/online Monday April 22nd

Crossrhythms radio 101.8fm (monday TBC) online/on fm Monday April 22nd

mencap radio TBC

Stafford Radio TBC

top tweeters for my campaign today tuesday 16th feb 2013

@themoosedog @acepockets @confoz @emmaflewitt @mummyworgan @sladejacqui @gsdowner @temperance29 @lifeautism


thanks guys – you all ROCK! thanks for tweeting loads today, very kind of you all

top tweeter for my campaign Tim thank you!

i mentioned on Monday morning that the top tweeter will get a special mention, for sending lots of tweets to celbs, thanks allot tim for your support today
follow him a great supporter of my campaign –
thanks again hopefully there will be more like you getting special mentions soon!
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New campaign logo designed by Dylan Moore Aqua Design Group

Thankyou so much for this its amazing made me go teary when i saw it thank you looks great!

follow him on twitter thanks for supporting me!! @AquaDesignGroup

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The support continues Amazing top 5 tweeters on Twitter Kev’s Campaign on Autism Bullying must Stop!

Lots of you on twitter have been so supportive and amazing, Today on Saturday the 13Th April 2012 i mentioned that i would mention the 5 top tweeters who have been none stop tweeting all Day


they are- and you should include these people to follow as they have been sending lots of tweets out –

Paul Adams @acceppockets

Jo Worgan   @mummyworgan


Jacquie @sladejacqui

my little life with OCD @mylittlelifewithocd

a massive thank you too all of you Kevin Healey Founder of Autism Bullying Campaign Please be like them and tweet out on twitter to celbs, the more you tweet the more celbs we can get, so far we have 15 celbs lets make it 20 by Sunday evening,

use the hashtag #autismbullying #kevscampaign 



Best Wishes

Kevin x


what is a troll? #autismbullying Kevin Healey

what is a troll? watch the video to find out!

Autism Bullying Campaign

Autism Bullying Campaign Adults

For far too long now, adults on the spectrum have been targeted by bullies. I am a victim of bullying, from a child to a teenager, to now a grown adult at 38. Cyber bullying now has got so severe I’ve even had death threats.


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video blog 2 important message update on Autism bullying campaign

What we need now is billboard space, we have the studio and the photographer and lots of celbs but could so with a few more 😉 please tweet out that we need billboard space-

updated news on bullying campaign


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