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Kevin’s anti bullying campaign to be mentioned in the revised autism strategy

We have heard today that Kevin’s anti bullying campaign will be mentioned in the revised autism strategy which is due to come out this April – more news to follow soon

Kevin to meet minister

Kevin will be meeting the minister who’s responsible for crime at the end of  March at the houses of parliament more news to follow soon

Please sign Petition my twitter account been impersonated

my twitter acc been impersonated @kevin_healey


I’m a campaigner  National Ambassador for Autism, living with autism and have been constantly impersonated on twitter. Twitter refuse to give me a verification, no I’m not a celebrity, or a person with millions of followers, but I’m a campaigner with autism, and trolls on twitter have pretended to be me they have cloned my profile, Cloned my face, bio etc and it’s disgusting what they are doing and still doing to someone like me who has autism, it takes twitter on average over a week to remove an impersonation account of me. I’m just asking twitter to verify me but they refuse, when there is other people out there i know of just like me have there account verified by twitter.

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What YOU can do to try and get Kevin Healey Verified on Twitter! Impersonation

Kevin still has not been verified and this is having a major effect on him and the campaign because of the constant ongoing impersonation, this is also not helping kevin to carry out is VITAL campaign work to get the laws changed on Hate Crime and Cyberbullying

this is what YOU can do too HELP

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