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Leading Autism Campaigner calls for J.cole & Drake too remove offensive lyrics ‘Jodeci Freestyle’

This is not the first time I have campaigned on artists insulting people with autism the first person 50 cent last summer tweeted ‘I saw your picture fool you look autistic’ and he gave a public apology.

But this time the hip hop rappers have taken it too far by insulting over half a million people in the uk like myself living with autism
With the ‘I’m artistic, you ni**as is autistic retarded’

I ask myself and so many others thease artists with millions of followers on social media platforms who have million followers, but they attack the most vulnerable in society

I’m asking them on behalf of thousands of people living with autism please make an apology too me and thousands with the condition and do the right thing please remove hatred words as they are so offensive.

Kevin Healey
Leading Autism campaigner
Speaking up for thousands of people with autism

Lyric Insults Autism Community

Lyrics from the recently released song “Jodeci Freestyle” from hip hop artists Drake and J.Cole have many in the autism community up in arms. The song, which was released last month and is now getting airplay, contains the following lyric by J. Cole: “I’m artistic, you n—-s is autistic, retarded.” Kevin Healey leading Campaigner said “im absolutely disgusted that the hip hop artists can say such lyrics in there songs, and that word R appals me as some one living with the condition,”

These lyrics are offensive and perpetuate negative stereotypes. There are many inspiring individuals with autism and other disabilities who have achieved great success across a variety of artforms, including music. We encourage J. Cole to recognize their talents and learn from the positive example they have set for all of us.


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